Blogger is free publishing tool from Google which is mostly used for blogging. By default blogger provide a sub domain for the blog like as

However, they have feature for using your own domain. Like as

In this tutorial we will learn how to point a domain to blogger. We will use

  1. We need to use ExonHost Free DNS to point a domain to blogger. So, we need to update name server first. You can see Name Server Update tutorial for updating name servers.
  2. We need CNAME and A Records for pointing the domain to blogger.
    To find the required CNAME records, you will be required to navigate to your blog’s Settings-> Publishing

  3. Now click on the Custom Domain to add custom domain for your blog. You will see a popup. Write your domain name with www and click on the “Save” button.

  4. Now you will see the cname recodes. You will see two cname records. Please add both in our dns system.

  5. Now go to “My Domains” from left sidebar of ExonHost Dashboard

  6. Then go to “Manage Domain” from Action column.

  7. Then go to “Manage DNS” from Domain Overview page.

  8. Now click on the “Add Record”

  9. Now we need to add the CNAME records. In the host name field type www and select record type “CNAME (Alias)”. Then write “” in the “Address” box. and click on the “Submit” button to save the record. You will see “successful” message if the record save correctly.

  10. We can add another CNAME record by using above step.

  11. Now go to blogger and click on the save button. Sometimes blogger can take time to detect the records. So you can try again after 15-30 mins later.

    After adding the records, save the settings in your Blogger account and allow up to 24 hours for the DNS settings to be fully propagated.
  12. Adding four A records for non www version. This way both www and non-www version of your website would load the blog. If you skip this step, visitors who leave off the “www” will see an error page or a different site (depending on your current A record).

    To avoid that, A records should be created for these IP addresses:
  13. Follow the above steps sames as CNAME record add. Type “@” in the Host Name field. Select Record Type “A (Address)”. In the Address box write the first IP. Then click on the submit button. Do same for other IP’s.

  14. After adding the A Records, go to your blog’s Settings-> Publishing and click on the Redirect Domain Button.

    That’s it. Now your www and non www both URL will start working.